Universal Monitor Chassis 25 InchUniversal Monitor Chassis 25 Inch

Universal Monitor Chassis 25 Inch

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Universal Replacement Arcade Monitor chassis 25" CRT Zoom

This chassis will work for 25"-29" Monitors. New Wei Ya Replacement chassis. This chassis is for standard resolution CRT CGA only...if your monitor was another resolution, it will now be standard. This chassis will not replace all, but it will replace most. To determine if it will work on your monitor please follow these instructions.

You must have a CRT with these specifications: 1) Measure the vertical ohms, it should be 6 ohms to 12 ohms, usually the yellow and green wires coming from the Yoke. If yours is not between 6-12 ohm this chassis will not work! 2) Measure the horizontal ohms, it should measure over 1.5 ohms. If not you can take a 5 to 10 watt 1 ohms resistor and add it in series to the circuit to increase the ohms to get it over 1.5. Please have a qualified tech install this chassis. Monitor chassis's carry high voltage and are dangerous if not handled properly! **There is no Warranty on this item due to the complexity of installing this product**

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