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  • All new art package, including: cabinet, backglass, decals, and playfield, designed from images based on the actual Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man comics library

  • All new custom-molded toys specifically designed and decorated to capture the ultimate Spider-Man art style

  • Commercial high grade flippers

  • Commercial high grade bumpers

  • Durable high grade plunger

  • Modern LED lights that last a lifetime

  • State of the art electronics

  • Vibrant high definition ultimate Spider-Man artwork

  • Authentic speech and sound for all characters

  • LED scoring display

  • Durable cabinet design

  • Tempered glass


Main Attractions

  • Genuine Stern pinball gameplay and features designed around Marvel's iconic Ultimate Spider-Man fiction

  • Featuring 2 ramps, drop targets, a 'Doc Ock' action figure target

  • Also including Stern commercial grade flippers, pop bumpers, sling shots and targets


Game Features

  • Spell S-P-I-D-E-R to start villain fights - defeat all villains to start villain vengeance

  • Rescue MJ random ball lock target creates a fun and unique new way to enable a multiball

  • Full color LED display featuring unique animations and effects

  • Featuring 4 of the most popular villains from the Spider-Man comics- Venom, Doc Ock, Sandman, and The Green Goblin

  • Each villain is associated with a physical play feature in the game

  • 3 multiballs


Backglass and Art

  • Features real Marvel Comics Ultimate Spider-Man art panels

  • Traditional full size backglass with integrated display


Game Experience

  • A full size regulation Stern pinball playfield

  • Aesthetically pleasing for home display

  • Fully serviceable playfield

  • Stern pinball commercial grade SPIKE 1 system and electronics

  • A full game experience

  • Easy to clean, service, and maintain

  • LED lighting throughout


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