Dual Resolution LCD MonitorDual Resolution LCD Monitor

Vision Pro Dual Resolution LCD Monitor with touch

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With shipment Flat Rate 11-15 Lb for $22.99
Sales price: $439.99


  • Suzo-Happ 15" Gen III LCD monitor with 3M capacitive USB touch screen .  
  • Units work in CGA, VGA, SVGA or XGA resolutions.  
  • Ideal for use in most Amusement applications.  
  • Replace your old outdated CRT monitors with a Vision Pro LCD and give your games a new modern look.  
  • Made from high-grade components including SAMSUNG LCD panels, that offer better picture quality, balanced picture image and a longer life span with no burn-in (which is typical with traditional CRT monitors).  
  • All units have a unique frame design that allows you to adjust the depth of the LCD panel to accommocate use of a touch screen along with several standard and custom mounting configurations.  
  • Built in connectors on back of LCD for both 6 and 10 pin RGB CGA Signal or DB15 VGA signal.  
  • All units have a unique frame design that allows you to adjust the depth of the LCD panel up to a 1/4".  
  • Pre-programmed to automatically sync with popular CGA games.  
  • LCD's can be pre-programmed for other CGA games upon request (Contact your sales rep for details).  
  • Available in various models (Monitor Only, Monitor with Safety Glass or Monitor with Touch Screen).  
  • 1.5M VGA Cable, CGA / EGA extension cable, +12v power supply cord and 10 pin CGA cable included.  
  • 1-Year warranty from date of sale.  
  • Touch screen includes 3-Year Warranty excluding vandalism.  
  • Touch controller includes 5-Year Warranty.  
  • UL Recognized USA & CANADA, CE and RoHS Mounting Bracket Adapter for 15" LCD Mounting Bracket Adapter for 19" LCD

Positive Coaxial Power Jack. Screen comes with a power supply with US Line cord, 1.5M VGA cable, DB15 to CGA 10 pin adapter board.

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