Godfather Collectors Edition Pinball Machine

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Sales price: $15,000.00
Available Spring 2023


The Godfather Collectors Edition



  • Interactive Topper with 2 Tommy-Gun-Wielding thugs, car & skyline
  • Golden Corleone family Lion Lockbar & Lion Leg Sculptures
  • ‘Big Mike’ Caporegime sculpted head
  • 3D sculpted Statue of Liberty with working RGB torch
  • Sculpted Horse-head Shooter Knob with Golden shooter rod
  • Sparkle Playfield, Golden Mirrored Backglass and Mirror-ink Radcals™
  • Golden custom-laser-cut Armor & Deep Burgundy Legs
  • Golden Wireform Ramps
  • 260+ Individually Controllable Exterior Cabinet RGB LED Lighting
  • Polycarbonate Edge-lit Lane Divider
  • Exclusive CE Inner Art Blades
  • Reflective Metallic Bottom Arch Decal
  • Designer Signature Card
  • Individually Numbered “Collector’s Edition” Plaque
  • Limited to 1,000 units
  • Performances by Slash and Mark Tremonti of ‘Speak Softly Love’
  • Moving, Shooting, Beat-em-up articulating Caporegime sculpted interactive toy
  • Player-Controllable Spinning Disk Take-Down amplifier toy
  • Dual Bi-directional shooting Main Steel Ramps
  • Laser-Etched & Enameled Steel Cityscape Upper Loop Ramp
  • Bi-Directional ball travel Lift Ramp
  • 3 Ball Lock-up Mechanism with direct feeds to all 3 Flippers
  • Controllable 3-shot-entrance Subway System
  • Glory Bumper™ Illuminable Multimaterial Fountain Sculpture
  • 3 unique Ball-Locking Playfield features
  • Active Newton-ball Compound Area
  • Don Vito Corleone sculpted bust
  • 2 Playfield Multiplier Weapon-Boosting Spinners
  • 3 Arc Beacon™ Flashers
  • 29 unique controllable ball paths
  • 2 Regular, 10 Super, 1 Hidden Skill Shots
  • 1 Exposed-core Playfield Magnet
  • L‘hai scampata right outlane Ball-save feature
  • 450+ Individually controllable Playfield RGB LEDs
  • Toolless Moveable/Removeable Magnetic Rule and Pricing Cards
  • High risk/high reward Action Button feature
  • Hotrail-Integrated Caporegime Health Meter

Jersey Jack Pinball Standards:
JJP RGB LED Hotrails, Shaker Motor, Invisiglass, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, High Score Camera, Backglass lighting

Units in box: 1


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